Meko Maw’o Sand Dam

Posted on 08-10-2018 , by: The Eifion Trust

Living in Machakos County is tough. The majority of the population are rural farmers living below the national poverty line. Climate change leads to frequent droughts and rainfall is erratic.

Despite annual rainfall similar to the UK, rains are concentrated into only one or two short flood periods. Most of the rain runs off bone dry land and disappears into the ocean, taking fertile soil with it. 86% of households have no access to clean water. Water shortage is a serious problem for these communities, as most depend on rain-fed agriculture to survive.

Typically, the nearest water points are a shocking 10km walk away. The burden of collecting water traps people in a vicious cycle of poverty and drudgery – especially women and children who spend on average 6 hours per day collecting water.

During extended droughts, this can take up to 12 hours per day. Children, especially girls, often miss school to help their families collect water. This steals time away from more productive activities like farming and education.

The Eifion Trust gave a donation of £23,593 to Excellent Development in March 2018. This grant was used to support the Meko Maw’o Self-Help Group (SHG), located in Kisaki village, within Kithangaini sub location in Machakos County, to build a Sand Dam and shallow well.This community now has an improved source of water closer to home.